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Journal Entry: Tue Dec 18, 2012, 10:49 PM
  • Listening to: Epic music replaying in mind
  • Reading: Bleach: "A piggy party"

Place 1

So I herd u liek mudkips post-apocalyptic, near-future, zombie outbreak?
Ladies and gents, it's 2045, only a year after the United States...and the rest of the Earth all went to Hell. Do arise from those smelly, well-worn beds in your makeshift refuges and take your place, and your weapons, at the :icongraveyardofmemories:.

The 48 states are now bunched into three huge territories, but the respective owning groups are all underpopulated and massively scattered as the quest to gather survivors and put a Zion to this Z-World has only just begun. Be extra-careful, natural selection is an undead b*h >3< and we got glowy, radioactive fiends, and marathon-runners among these craven hoards!

Place 2

Do you fancy dimension-hopping instead, and owning OCs fit for several worlds, in their respective worlds, all at once? Well come and play some multi-verse jump-rope at :iconinfinitedimensions: and take residence at either the world of those alone who can actually "jump" and do police the worlds, any of the intermediate and often unwitting worlds, or the dark realm that directly opposes, and is an infectious curse upon the main world? Ranks are open as holy, unholy, and chaotic neutral armies find themselves itching to grow.

Place 3

Or are you the type who can write epic sheets, and do engage in great battles to cut down your foes with great swords and to keep your whites white? You know, with BLEACH. :3 But this isn't a semi-ordinary fantard world. The Las Noches here is massively different and yet very familiar, governed by a female scientist with an intense affinity for stellar bodies; and we have an all-round genuine alternative to Soul Society as well, with enough support for pure souls who are more...than human, and more than death-gods. We have a growing Vandenreich family here as well, whose leader with make you both fanboy and poop brix. Choose~ the crown you serve at :iconempirebleach:.

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Brushes by gvalkyrie
Tweaked to death by myself. =w=
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December 18, 2012